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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Experience With - Jan Tracz meets Al Pacino

Experience With - Jan Tracz meets Al Pacino

Our journalist, Jan Tracz, participated in an experience with the one and only Al Pacino. The whole event consisted of an interview in which Pacino recalled his most important roles and his whole career. It was a magical and awe-inspiring evening.


The world’s famous actor made a throwback to his childhood: every week, he went to “a movie house, which was only a few blocks away.” These were the very first moments when the legendary actor became a real cinephile. Yet, it was still time when he “wanted to become a baseball player.” 


When his mother and grandfather died, it was his beloved grandma who took care of him. For example, when Blanche Austin, his first acting teacher, encouraged his family to push Pacino in his future career, it was his grandmother who listened first. After so many years, she was the first person Al called when he got his part in the first instalment of The Godfather


Interestingly, Al Pacino mentioned that he has two films coming soon. The first one is a new adaptation of King Lear; Pacino is known for his love of Shakespeare’s plays. That being said, Al currently considers going back to the theatre (both in the US and London). In the second one, he plans to play an exorcist, which sounds like a refreshing project for his recent acting choices. 


Besides, as he has stated, he is currently writing his own memoir, which means that this (or next year), we will have a chance to read a brand new book about him. When asked who should play him in the biography one day, he responded with his iconic wit: “If I can’t play me, nobody can” and the audience filled the room with laughter and applause. And he couldn’t be more right: it is really difficult to imagine any other actor “becoming” a fake Pacino.


Before the end, Pacino recalled shooting The Irishman (2019), he analysed various scenes from his most important films or told a tiny anecdote about how Paramount wanted to send him off after watching the first footage of The Godfather. Anyway, he hypnotised the whole audience with his convincing charisma from the first seconds of the show. The evening only proved that still, even today, Pacino remains one of the best in the industry.



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