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  • Monday, 15 July 2024
AYOZAT the operators of AYOZAT STREAM signals its ambition to re-launch SportyStuffTV on AYOZAT’s free-to-air broadcasting platforms.

AYOZAT the operators of AYOZAT STREAM signals its ambition to re-launch SportyStuffTV on AYOZAT’s free-to-air broadcasting platforms.

AYOZAT the operators of AYOZAT STREAM on Ayozat.com and AYOZAT TV on Sky 186, hereby signals its ambition to re-launch SportyStuffTV on AYOZAT’s free-to-air broadcasting platforms.


We invite bookmakers and media rights holders to join us in helping to re-birth SportyStuffTV on the AYOZAT Media Network.


Umesh Perera, AYOZAT CEO commented: -


“After many years of working and supporting SportyStuffTV, we have this week witnessed its sad demise. This comes at a time when the business was emerging from its best ever financial results in 2023. AYOZAT is determined to help keep the show on the road and is declaring an open door for rights holders and bookmaker operators to join with us and engage in the re-birth of the channel to provide the best of the best in televised greyhound racing, thoroughbred racing, snooker, darts, and in time further sports that hold a betting interest.


To back that invitation, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Kevan Moretti SportyStuffTV’s CEO and Chairman to the board of AYOZAT Holdings Ltd. Kevan brings an unrivalled experience in the televising of live sports content but also a unique talent in coalescing different interest groups into businesses and projects that as well as being financially rewarding, promote the sports involved for the common good”.


Kevan Moretti, went on to state: -


“As one chapter sadly closes this exciting one opens. AYOZAT is a broadcasting technology leader. AYOZATs compression and distribution technologies can lower the costs of programme production and transmission significantly. Its platforms are already transmitting and have growing audiences. Its latest broadcast control suite produces localised on-screen odds and offers, live links to betting slips and the territory management and scheduling of programmes, ads, and graphics. It’s a significant step change up from conventional programming, which will keep SportyStuffTV ahead of the pack.


This new initiative will enable operators to participate with the channel at different levels of engagement, better suited to their business size and specific areas of interest. Accordingly, it will provide for a far larger constituency of participating bookmakers offering on-screen advertising and promotions in return as well as an uplift in expected betting stakes. The new channel will also allow us to expand our hugely popular horse racing, darts, snooker and collectables entertainment coverage.


I have been overwhelmed and delighted to have received preliminary statements of support and interest from Starsports, AKbets, and Rhinobet, alongside others and existing participant operators in SportyStuffTV Ltd.”


Joe Scanlon Chairman of the British Greyhound Racing Fund (the BGRF) commented.


“I’m very pleased that a non-subscription channel, if media rights holders and operators support it, will continue to broadcast live greyhound racing for both bookmakers and punters alike.


As chairman of the BGRF, I am very conscious of the impact that the demise of SportyStuffTV will have on future welfare funding. It is vital that greyhound racing continues to receive the exposure by being on a free-to-air direct-to-home channel.”


Ben Keith of Starsports commented: -


“I am very sad for our sport and community that GTV, RPGTV as was, is to be closing. It is vital that promoters and bookmakers rally round and support Kevan's new channel initiative.


Greyhound Racing must be visible and welcoming to all and television exposure is a must. Star Sports wholeheartedly backs Kevan Moretti’s SportyStuffTV going to AYOZAT”.


Anthony Kaminskas at AK Bets, went on to state:


“It is extremely important to Greyhound Racing that the sport remains accessible to the largest possible audience. Losing Sky Sports was a huge blow to the sport and the SportyStuffTV news of late is another kick to the belly.


We at AK Bets will be exploring any way we can keep the show on the road for the greater good and in Kevan Moretti Greyhound Racing has a willing partner with an impressive track record that we’d be keen to partner with. Watch this space!”


Rob Jarrett-Smith at Rhino.Bet commented:


"Greyhound racing is a key sport for us at Rhino.Bet, and we're delighted that Kevan and his new team have found a new home at AYOZAT where they will continue to be able to offer coverage of a sport we all know and love"


AYOZAT is a technology company with a deep tech and compute product, AYOZAT TLC, that powers, stores and distributes media into different ecosystems and markets, reliably and securely. AYOZAT operates in the media, finance, and government/defence sectors and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


In the media sector, AYOZAT has advertising and Supply Side Platforms (SSP), with 12 TV channels online and on the SKY network, as well as an all-in-one streaming platform, AYOZAT STREAM, with TV, Video on demand, Music streaming, radio, podcasts and pay per view.


AYOZAT TLC resides on a network with 54 global Points-of-Presence on a 30 TBPS backbone.


AYOZAT TV – A UK National TV channel that broadcasts to 12 million households in the UK via satellite.


AYOZAT STREAM – A social all-in-one streaming service with TV channels, movies and series on demand, music streaming, podcasts, and radio, with follows and likes.





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