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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Current Joys Bring Lo-Fi Magic to Sydney's Factory Theatre

Current Joys Bring Lo-Fi Magic to Sydney's Factory Theatre


Treat for the indie fans down under

Indie music fans in Sydney are in for a treat on April 2nd as Current Joys, the moniker of prolific singer-songwriter Nick Rattigan, grace the stage of the Factory Theatre. But for those who missed the show, let's delve into the world of Current Joys and understand the significance of this Sydney concert.


Who are Current Joys?

Current Joys is the creative outlet for Rattigan, who has been releasing music since 2011 under various names.  He's also the drummer and vocalist for the surf rock band Surf Curse.  Settling on Current Joys in 2015, Rattigan has carved a unique sound that blends dreamy indie-pop with a lo-fi, bedroom recording aesthetic.  Think The Cure meets bedroom pop with a dash of experimental hip-hop influences.


Current Joy's Sonic Palette

Current Joys' music is a captivating mix of catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and a raw, textured production style. Rattigan's songwriting explores themes of love, loss, and navigating the complexities of life, resonating with listeners seeking a heartfelt and authentic musical experience.  His latest album, "LOVE + POP," released in August 2023, further showcased this signature sound, infusing elements of hardcore hip-hop alongside the familiar lo-fi warmth.


A Global Current of Fans

Current Joys has amassed a dedicated following worldwide. Rattigan's prolificacy and ability to connect with listeners through his music have built a strong international fanbase.  In Australia, Current Joys enjoys a particularly passionate following, with many drawn to the introspective nature of the music and the raw energy of Rattigan's live performances.


The Significance of the Sydney Concert

The Sydney concert at the Factory Theatre marks a rare opportunity to experience Current Joys' captivating music in an intimate setting for the sydney fans.  


For Sydney's avid Current Joys fans, this marks a chance to connect with the artist and celebrate his music in a community of like-minded listeners.


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