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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Over 100 Schools Forced To Close As Arctic Blast Sweeps UK

Over 100 Schools Forced To Close As Arctic Blast Sweeps UK

A blast of Arctic air has enveloped the United Kingdom, bringing heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, leading to extensive disruptions in schools and travel. More than 100 schools in Scotland have been forced to close, with dozens affected in Merseyside. 


The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for snow and ice across Scotland, northern England, north Wales, and Northern Ireland until Thursday. Temperatures are expected to drop to as low as -15C, making it potentially the coldest night this winter. Commuters are grappling with disruptions on both roads and railways, with National Rail cautioning about potential impacts throughout the week.


Local authorities are implementing plans to minimize disruptions prompted by the wintry conditions. The National Highways have issued a severe weather alert for the north-west of England, and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued an amber cold weather warning for England, foreseeing increased demand on the NHS, especially among older and vulnerable populations.


The Met Office's warnings extend to Thursday, with the possibility of further snow and ice affecting large parts of the country. Meanwhile, the UK government confirmed cold weather payments for eligible households in areas experiencing sub-zero temperatures for seven consecutive days. The severe conditions have prompted safety warnings, including advice not to walk on frozen lakes. The Arctic spell is expected to persist until at least the weekend, with milder weather anticipated to sweep across the UK.

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