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  • Saturday, 15 June 2024
AYOZAT is set to transform industries with accelerated AI implementation

AYOZAT is set to transform industries with accelerated AI implementation

With AI now built-in into AYOZAT TLC core, the company will be one of the first to integrate AI in TV channel building and curating. AYOZAT will also use this core in its fintech, data analysis, proofing and fraud prevention services.


AYOZAT TLC’s AI technology will enable wider content distribution, match similarly viewed material better, and statistical analysis of data as well as reach international markets. AYOZAT plans to launch the first AI-powered international online TV channel, on its network, where content planning and scheduling is assisted by AI, allowing better curation. 


Adam Bishop, AYOZAT director, said “the use of AI to help staff with scheduling and the curation of channels is a game changer”.


Ayolytics, AYOZAT’s analytics platform, makes use of AI to provide partners with substantial insights into their management data and customer base. The technology merges and analyses data from web, mobile, social media, TV content, advertising statistics and other sources from one’s own platforms, as well as external ones, and then alerts, triggers actions or recommends trends and patterns for human decision making.


Umesh Perera, AYOZAT founder, stated that “bridging and analysing different data sets from different sources is key and this type of data-driven approach will empower decision makers and improve marketing efficiency”.


AYOZAT will integrate AI into its fintech products like its DAX (Digital Asset Exchange), on-chain applications and a stock market trading platform on intellectual property. AYOZAT TLC’s AI capabilities will revolutionize the companies banking, finance and regulatory sectors. This will be carried out by AYOZAT’s blockchain subsidiary, Linkquid, a Financial Services Authority designated business.


The company is finalizing an AI cloud computing product for governmental digital transformation. The product is aimed at improving efficiency in government departments, giving governments boarding with AYOZAT access to these tools firsthand, for use in security, public safety, immigration, agriculture and many other areas.


From enhancing cybersecurity to predicting crop yields, optimizing network operations, and personalizing online services, AYOZAT's AI solutions promise to simplify operations, increase efficiency, and improve service delivery. Through its innovative solutions, the company is set to transform industries and contribute heavily to the global digital transformation journey.



AYOZAT™ is a deep technology company with a layered protocol product, AYOZAT™ TLC, that powers markets and ecosystems in the media, finance, iGaming and governmental sectors, with a global network that has 54 points of presence.


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