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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
In-App Games

YouTube Ups the Entertainment Factor with In-App Games

YouTube is shaking things up with the launch of "Playables," a new feature offering in-app games to a wider audience. After a successful testing period with select users, YouTube is now rolling out Playables to users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Keeping Users Engaged for Longer

The introduction of Playables is a strategic move by YouTube to keep users engaged for longer periods. With over 75 casual mobile games now available within the app, viewers can take breaks from watching videos and enjoy a quick game. This seamless transition between video content and interactive entertainment could potentially lead to increased user engagement and overall viewing time.

A World of Games at Your Fingertips

The Playables library features a variety of "lightweight, entertaining games" according to YouTube. Popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Words of Wonders, Cut the Rope, Tomb of the Mask, and Trivia Crack are just a few examples. This diverse selection caters to different interests and offers something for everyone.

Capitalizing on Existing Gaming Popularity

The foray into in-app games aligns strategically with YouTube's already established gaming focus. Gaming content is a massive draw on the platform, generating over 4 billion hours of watch time in 2022. Many popular creators are deeply connected to the gaming community. By offering Playables, YouTube taps into this existing interest and provides a more direct gaming experience within the familiar app environment.

A Mixed History of In-App Games

However, the success of in-app games isn't guaranteed. Similar ventures by other platforms have yielded mixed results. Netflix's foray into mobile games saw minimal user engagement, with only 1% of its user base utilizing the games. Additionally, Meta's attempt to integrate lightweight games into Messenger and Facebook failed to gain traction. LinkedIn recently added logic puzzle-based in-app games, but user data on their adoption is yet to be available.

Breaking User Habits and Building Anticipation

The biggest challenge for YouTube might be altering user behavior. People primarily access YouTube for video content, and encouraging them to adopt gaming within the app could be difficult. However, YouTube has been actively pushing boundaries with more interactive features like community posts. This suggests a strategic effort to nudge users towards a more diverse and engaging YouTube experience.

The success of the initial testing phase likely fueled the decision to expand Playables. With the rollout underway, we'll soon see if users embrace this new way to interact with the platform.

Finding Playables in the App

If you're part of the expanded Playables rollout, you'll see a dedicated "Playables" menu within the Explore section. Additionally, games might appear in your Home feed, search results, and potentially other areas of the YouTube app.

Stay tuned to see how Playables evolves and whether it becomes a mainstay in the YouTube experience.


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