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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
Abandoned Rwanda Scheme

UK Aims to Recover Funds from Abandoned Rwanda Scheme

Following the decision to scrap the controversial Rwanda deportation plan, the UK government is now looking into recovering funds previously allocated to the scheme. A No. 10 representative indicated that any recouped money would be channeled into a newly proposed Border Security Command, aimed at addressing small boat crossings.

Rwanda's Stance

Rwandan officials maintain that they fully complied with the agreement's terms. The original plan, introduced by the Conservative government, sought to discourage Channel crossings by sending some unauthorized UK arrivals to Rwanda. However, legal hurdles prevented any deportations before the recent election.

Financial Implications

The UK had already transferred £220 million to Rwanda by late 2023 as part of the deal, which was intended to support Rwanda's economy and cover relocation costs. Future payments, contingent on the number of individuals transferred, will not be made.

Rwanda's Position

The Rwandan government emphasized that the partnership was a UK initiative to address its own migration challenges. They reaffirmed their commitment to the agreement and their readiness to provide refuge for migrants.

Potential Reimbursement

Rwandan President Paul Kagame had previously hinted at the possibility of returning some funds if no one was sent to Rwanda. While open to considering refund requests, Rwandan officials stressed they were not obligated to comply.

UK's New Approach

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer confirmed the abandonment of the Rwanda plan, describing it as ineffective from the start. The remaining migrants held for deportation to Rwanda will soon be released, following the bail of 218 others during the election period. Labour had criticized the scheme as a costly and ineffective measure.

Enhanced Border Security

Labour's new strategy involves creating a Border Security Command, bringing together Border Force personnel, police, and intelligence agencies to combat people-smuggling networks. Illegal immigration remains a pressing issue, with over 13,000 Channel crossings recorded this year, surpassing last year's figures for the same period, despite an overall decrease in crossings from 2022 to 2023.

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