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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
NHS England Aims To Eliminate Cervical Cancer By 2040

NHS England Aims To Eliminate Cervical Cancer By 2040

In a groundbreaking announcement, NHS England's chief executive, Amanda Pritchard, has declared an ambitious pledge to eliminate cervical cancer in England by 2040. Speaking at the NHS Providers' conference in Liverpool, Pritchard stressed the vital role of HPV vaccination and effective  cervical screening in achieving this life-saving ambition. Approximately 2,600 women a year in England are diagnosed with cervical cancer.



The NHS has updated its HPV vaccination program, now offering a single-dose option, making it more accessible to those in year eight through schools and enabling parental monitoring of their child's vaccination status through the NHS app. The NHS also plans to enhance accessibility by offering vaccinations in community settings like libraries and sports venues, targeting areas with lower vaccination rates.



Pritchard has also announced an expansion of trials for self-testing screening kits in an attempt to tackle the issue of low attendance for cervical screening. Current figures indicate that one in three eligible individuals does not come forward for screening, highlighting the importance of addressing these obstacles. NHS England's national clinical director for cancer, Professor Peter Johnson, highlighted the silent nature of cervical cancer during its early stages, making regular screenings imperative for early detection.


The World Health Organization's criteria of eliminating cervical cancer is reaching a rate of four cases per 100,000, which aligns with the global efforts, including Australia's goal of 2035. The success of these initiatives hinges on achieving targets of 90% vaccination and 70% screening rates.


Pritchard's announcement marks a significant step towards eradicating cervical cancer in England, with a collective call for public participation in vaccination and screening programs to make this life-saving ambition a reality.

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