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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
'Jurassic World 4' to Shoot in Thailand, Malta, UK

'Jurassic World 4' to Shoot in Thailand, Malta, UK

Universal Pictures' highly anticipated "Jurassic World 4 is gearing up for production in multiple international locations, promising a fresh take on the beloved franchise. Directed by Gareth Edwards and produced by industry titans Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Patrick Crowley, the film boasts a star-studded cast led by Scarlett Johansson.


Expanding the Jurassic Universe:

Following the massive success of the "Jurassic Park" trilogy, the "Jurassic World" franchise took audiences by storm in 2015. Now, with a script by David Koepp, "Jurassic World 4" is ushering in a new era, featuring a gripping storyline that revolves around three adults and three teens stranded on an island.


Thailand Production Confirmed:

The production of "Jurassic World 4" commences in Thailand, with filming scheduled from June 13 to July 16. Locations including Bangkok, Trang, Phang Nga, Phuket, and Chiang Mai will serve as backdrops, with the stunning Huai To Waterfall in Krabi province expected to feature prominently.


Economic Boost and Environmental Concerns:

The Thai government anticipates a significant economic boost from production, estimating a benefit of THB650 million ($18 million) to the country. However, officials have also emphasized the importance of environmental protection, urging strict adherence to laws and regulations to prevent any adverse impact on natural resources.


Global Filming Locations and Production Partners:

Following the Thailand shoot, production will move to Malta and eventually to the UK. Malta Film Studios and Sky Studios Elstree will facilitate filming in their respective locations. With delivery of the completed film slated for July 2, 2025, fans can anticipate an epic cinematic experience.


Key Crew and Production Oversight:

The film boasts a stellar crew lineup, including acclaimed cinematographer John Mathieson and casting director Jina Jay. Universal Pictures executives Sara Scott and Jacqueline Garell are spearheading the project's development, ensuring the film meets audience expectations and delivers on its promise of a thrilling new chapter in the Jurassic Saga.




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