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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Hugh Grant Settles Privacy Case Against The Sun

Hugh Grant Settles Privacy Case Against The Sun


Actor's Legal Battle

Renowned actor Hugh Grant has reached a settlement in a privacy case against the publisher of The Sun newspaper, News Group Newspapers (NGN). Grant alleged that journalists employed intrusive methods, including phone tapping and burglary, to obtain private information.


Rationale Behind Settlement

Grant explained that while he was initially reluctant to accept the settlement offer, the prospect of facing substantial legal costs if he proceeded to trial prompted him to reconsider. He expressed disappointment in the rules of civil litigation, which could leave him liable for significant expenses even if successful in court.


Financial Implications

Grant emphasized the financial risks associated with a trial, highlighting the exorbitant legal fees he could potentially incur, particularly if the court award fell short of the settlement offer. He underscored the significant sum involved, estimated to be around £10 million, and the burden it would place on him.


Redirecting Settlement Funds

Despite accepting the settlement, Grant stated that the funds received would be repurposed to support initiatives like Hacked Off, aimed at addressing the misconduct of the press. He emphasized the importance of holding media outlets accountable for their actions.


Media Landscape Dynamics

Grant's case is part of a broader legal battle against tabloid intrusion, with Prince Harry also pursuing legal action against NGN. Observers speculate that Grant's settlement may influence future proceedings and shape the media's approach to privacy issues.


Legal Considerations

Legal experts noted the practical implications of settling a case to avoid escalating legal costs. Grant's decision reflects a strategic choice to mitigate financial risks and streamline the resolution process.


Grant's Advocacy and Past Litigation

Beyond his acting career, Grant has been an outspoken advocate for press reform, particularly in the aftermath of the phone-hacking scandal. This settlement follows a previous case against NGN related to the now-defunct News of the World tabloid.


Publisher's Response

NGN maintained its position of denying wrongdoing and emphasized the resolution's financial rationale for both parties. The publisher highlighted ongoing legal disputes and reiterated its commitment to contesting allegations without admission of liability.


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