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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
connected TV

Google Expands Reach for Advertisers with New Connected TV Options

Google is making a move to capture a larger share of the advertising market with the announcement of new ad placement options on connected TV (CTV) sets through its Google TV network. This network reaches viewers on various smart TVs and OTT devices, offering brands a strategic way to connect with audiences on the biggest screens in their homes.

Capitalizing on the CTV Boom

The new Google TV ad placements capitalize on the surging popularity of connected TV. As Google highlights, there are over 20 million monthly active devices within the Google TV network alone. This audience growth aligns with a broader trend – according to Google, 60% of U.S. households now utilize free, ad-supported streaming services and channels. Notably, viewers on Google TV's free channels dedicate an average of over 75 minutes daily to watching content.

This shift in viewing habits, further emphasized by Nielsen's report naming YouTube the top streaming platform by watch time in 2023, presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers. Google TV offers a range of CTV ad formats to cater to these needs, including non-skippable ads and shorter 6-second bumpers.

Reaching Audiences on the Big Screen

The new Google TV ad placements open doors for advertisers to reach viewers directly on their smart TVs and OTT devices. This allows for the display of video ads on the Google TV masthead, a prominent location within the interface, or within eligible video streaming apps accessible through Google TV.

This strategic placement offers the potential to create impactful and resonant video promotions, expanding the reach of advertising campaigns and potentially leading to a stronger connection with target audiences.

Expanding Your Reach: How to Access Google TV Ad Placements

The Google TV network ad placement option is now available for advertisers through two platforms: Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360. This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to potentially leverage this new avenue for reaching their target markets.

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