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  • Friday, 19 April 2024

From 888 to evoke: Gambling Company Gets a New Name

888, a prominent player in the online gambling world, is undergoing a significant transformation. The company recently announced its intention to change its name to evoke plc, signifying a fresh start after a year marked by leadership changes and a strategic exit from the US market.

Fresh Leadership, New Direction

This move coincides with the leadership of Per Widerström, a seasoned gambling industry veteran appointed CEO in October 2023. Under Widerström's guidance, 888, now poised to become evoke plc, aims to restructure its operating model, focusing on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) for streamlined operations and cost reduction.

Focus on Core Markets

The strategic shift also involves concentrating efforts on core markets like the UK, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. This allows evoke plc to better serve established customer bases and potentially expand within these territories.

A Name for the Future

888 explains that the name change reflects their evolution into a multi-brand entity and aligns with their vision of providing "world-class betting and gaming experiences" to customers. CEO Widerström echoed this sentiment, calling it "the beginning of an exciting new dawn" for the company.

Shareholder Approval Needed

While the rebranding signifies a new chapter, it requires shareholder approval at the upcoming annual general meeting later this year.

888 Holdings: A Legacy of Innovation

A historical look at 888 Holdings reveals its pioneering spirit in the online gambling space. Founded in 1997 by Israeli entrepreneurs, the company launched 888casino, one of the world's first online casinos. Building on this success, 888poker followed in 2002, capitalising on the early 2000s poker boom.

Growth Through Acquisitions

Over the years, 888 Holdings expanded its portfolio through acquisitions and launches, adding brands like 888sport, Mr. Green, and SI Sportsbook. Notably, in 2013, the company secured the first online-exclusive casino licence in the US through 888casino. More recently, the acquisition of William Hill's international business in 2022 further bolstered their presence with a renowned UK sportsbook and casino brand.

From 888 to evoke: A Look Ahead

The name change to evoke plc marks a turning point for 888 Holdings. With a renewed focus, technological advancements, and a concentrated market approach, evoke plc seeks to solidify its position as a leading online gaming and entertainment group. Whether this new dawn will usher in an era of success remains to be seen, but the company's commitment to innovation and customer experience offers a promising outlook for the future.



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