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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Federal Jury Orders AWS to Pay $525 Million for Patent Infringement

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A federal jury in Illinois has ordered Amazon Web Services (AWS) to pay $525 million to tech firm Kove for infringing on its patent rights in data-storage technology. The jury found AWS guilty of violating three patents crucial for managing large volumes of data in cloud computing. Amazon intends to challenge the verdict through an appeal.


Kove Celebrates Verdict

Kove's legal team celebrated the outcome as a victory for innovation and the protection of intellectual property rights, particularly for smaller companies facing off against industry giants like AWS. The lawsuit, initiated by Kove in 2018, alleged that it pioneered technology for high-performance cloud storage years before the emergence of the cloud. Kove accused AWS of patent infringement through its services such as Amazon S3 and DynamoDB.


Jury finds AWS guilty of unwilful patent infringement

While the jury decided that AWS had infringed on all three patents, it did not find the infringement to be wilful. AWS countered the allegations, stating that the patents in question were invalid. Kove has also filed a similar lawsuit against Google, indicating a broader legal battle over patent rights in the tech industry. This ongoing case reflects the increasing importance of protecting intellectual property rights amidst rapid technological advancements and competition within the sector.

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