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  • Monday, 26 February 2024
The UK government is in talks to acquire Wylfa Nuclear Site

The UK government is in talks to acquire Wylfa Nuclear Site

The UK government is reportedly in discussions to acquire control of a site in north Wales where a proposed nuclear project was abandoned in 2019.


State-owned Great British Nuclear is reportedly in early discussions with Hitachi, the owner of the Wylfa site on Anglesey, according to the Financial Times.


A government spokesperson indicated that Wylfa was among several potential sites being considered for nuclear projects.


Hitachi withdrew its plans for the site in January 2019, prompting speculation about its future. An unnamed minister, as cited by the FT, has stated that initial negotiations with Hitachi have begun, with a final agreement potentially reached after an expected general election later this year.


Tom Greatrex, CEO of the Nuclear Industry Association, hailed Wylfa as one of the UK's premier locations for nuclear development, stressing its importance for meeting energy security and net-zero targets.


Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn, where Wylfa is situated, expressed optimism about the talks and underscored the potential economic benefits for the region. She emphasized the unanimous support from the nuclear industry for Wylfa's suitability as a nuclear site.


Hitachi, while confirming the suspension of work at Wylfa Newydd and another site in Oldbury, Gloucestershire, affirmed its ongoing discussions with interested parties regarding the sites' futures.


The £13 billion Wylfa Newydd project was halted due to escalating costs, despite earlier negotiations with the UK government for funding.


The UK government reiterated its commitment to nuclear power as a significant component of the country's energy strategy, citing the recent launch of a roadmap aimed at expanding the sector. However, nuclear energy remains a topic of debate, with concerns raised about its costs and environmental impact, including the disposal of nuclear waste.


As discussions progress, the fate of Wylfa and its potential resurgence as a nuclear site hang in the balance, with implications for both energy policy and economic development in Wales.



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