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  • Friday, 19 April 2024
Sadeeq Agro's Shawarmas: A Culinary Journey Worth the Wait?

Sadeeq Agro's Shawarmas: A Culinary Journey Worth the Wait?

For food enthusiasts in Dhaka, the buzz surrounding Sadeeq Agro's flagship restaurant in Gulshan 2 is hard to miss. Known as one of the country's leading meat suppliers, Sadeeq Agro has ventured into the culinary scene by introducing a Syrian chef to helm its open kitchen, promising authentic flavors and tantalizing experiences.


The Long Wait:

Despite its acclaim, some diners have faced challenges, including long wait times. One patron recounts their experience of waiting for an hour to taste the super-hyped Damascus Shawarma, a testament to both the dish's popularity and the restaurant's commitment to quality.


Exploring the Menu:

Sadeeq Agro offers two variants of its Damascus Shawarma: regular chicken and special chicken. The Regular Chicken Shawarma impresses with its generous portions and authentic Middle Eastern flavors, while the Special Chicken Shawarma, adorned with mozzarella cheese, receives mixed reviews.


A Surprising Delight: The Wajbat Shawarma

Amidst the scrutiny of the Damascus Shawarmas, the Wajbat Shawarma emerges as a hidden gem. This dine-in item features shredded beef, reminiscent of homemade Eid-ul-Adha delicacies, accompanied by a plethora of sides and sauces, offering a truly satisfying dining experience.


The Verdict:

While the Damascus Shawarmas may divide opinions, it's the Wajbat Shawarma that steals the spotlight, winning over patrons with its succulent beef and array of flavors. Beyond shawarmas, Sadeeq Agro's diverse menu, featuring Bangladeshi cuisine and confectionery delights, ensures there's something for every palate.



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