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  • Saturday, 15 June 2024
Neckties Rule at Australian Fashion Week 2024

Neckties Rule at Australian Fashion Week 2024

In the vibrant interlude between New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, fashion aficionados eagerly turn their attention to the dynamic showcases of international editions. Among these, Australian Fashion Week stands out, having recently concluded its latest edition in Sydney.


Over its 28-year history, this event has not only spotlighted some of Australia's most prominent fashion brands but has also served as a launchpad for emerging talents who have since become household names. However, it's not just the runway presentations that captivate audiences; the street style scene, with its distinctly Aussie flair, never fails to inspire. This year, a surprising trend took center stage: the necktie.


The Rise of Neckties:

From oversized and swinging styles to wide-striped designs reminiscent of the 1960s, neckties emerged as the standout accessory among showgoers at Australian Fashion Week 2024. While street style at fashion events often showcases a diverse range of aesthetics, it was clear that attendees consistently favored this classic yet versatile accessory to elevate their outfits.


A Stylish Statement:

The streets of Sydney became a runway of their own as fashion enthusiasts flaunted their unique interpretations of the necktie trend. Whether paired with tailored suiting for a polished look or juxtaposed with casual attire for a touch of irreverence, the necktie proved to be the ultimate statement piece, adding a dose of sophistication to every ensemble.


Pinterest-Worthy Inspirations:

Australian street style has long been celebrated for its effortlessly chic aesthetic, and this year was no exception. Showcasing an array of looks ranging from classic elegance to contemporary edge, attendees demonstrated their flair for crafting Pinterest-worthy outfits that seamlessly incorporated the necktie trend.


Captivating Imagery:

Photographers captured the sartorial creativity on display, immortalizing the most captivating street style moments from Australian Fashion Week 2024. With each click of the camera shutter, the eclectic blend of fashion-forward individuals and their distinctive necktie ensembles was documented for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.



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