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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
France Prepares for Paris 2024 Olympic Games

France Prepares for Paris 2024 Olympic Games

With the Olympic torch set to embark on its journey to Paris, security concerns loom large over the upcoming Games. The French government is taking unprecedented measures to safeguard participants and spectators amidst fears of potential threats.


Security Deployment:

France's security apparatus is in full swing, with approximately 20,000 soldiers and over 40,000 police officers mobilized for the event. Additionally, the country has enlisted support from about 2,000 troops and police officers from allied nations. This robust security presence underscores the government's commitment to ensuring a safe environment for all involved.


Drone Attack Fears Prompt Spectator Cuts:

Worries about potential threats, including drone attacks, have led the government to revise its plans for the Olympic opening ceremony. Originally slated to accommodate an estimated 600,000 spectators along the River Seine, attendance has now been limited to only 300,000 invited guests. This precautionary measure aims to mitigate security risks while maintaining the integrity of the event.


Extensive screening and intelligence efforts:

Security services have been meticulously screening approximately one million individuals associated with the Games, including athletes, residents near Olympic venues, medical personnel, and volunteers. Moreover, intelligence services have uncovered two plots against France by suspected militants, highlighting the gravity of the security situation.


Geopolitical Tensions Impact Participation

Geopolitical tensions have also cast a shadow over the Games, with Russia and Belarus barred from sending teams due to their roles in the conflict in Ukraine. Competitors from these countries will only be allowed to participate as neutral athletes. Russia's announcement of a parallel "World Friendship Games" underscores the diplomatic complexities surrounding the event.


Public Perception and Logistics Challenges

Despite preparations, public sentiment in Paris appears divided, with 44% of Parisians expressing concerns about hosting the Olympics. The influx of visitors is expected to strain transportation systems, with bus and metro fares doubling during the Games. Moreover, the relocation of hundreds of squatters and extensive traffic restrictions add to the logistical challenges faced by authorities.


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