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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Australian News Network Apologises for Controversial Photoshop of Female MP

Australian News Network Apologises for Controversial Photoshop of Female MP

Image credit: Photoshop Stock photos by Vecteezy


An Australian news network is facing criticism after an image of MP Georgie Purcell was allegedly doctored to make it more revealing. 


The issue arose when Nine News Melbourne used a modified picture of Purcell in a promotion for the Monday night news bulletin which she was due to appear on. The modified image displayed what Purcell termed as "enlarged boobs" and a more revealing outfit, leading her to express her discontent on social media. She also highlighted that her tattooed stomach was absent in the photoshopped version.


Director of Nine News Melbourne, Hugh Nailon, attributed the incident to an "automation by Photoshop" and issued an apology, acknowledging that the altered image did not meet their high editorial standards. However, Adobe, the developer of Photoshop, has informed the BBC that any alterations to the image would have required human intervention and approval.


The Animal Justice Party MP has accepted the apology but emphasised the potential consequences of the incident. She mentioned that it has revived sexist abuse against her, saying, "Can't imagine this happening to a male MP. What gives?" 


Purcell has been outspoken about the challenges faced by women in politics, highlighting constant sexualization and objectification. Australia has been grappling with a sexist culture in politics, as highlighted by a 2021 report triggered by a rape allegation within the Parliament House, revealing widespread instances of sexual harassment among federal parliament employees.  The incident reignites concerns about the treatment of women in politics and the need for a more respectful and equitable environment while also raising concerns about the impact of AI on women in public life.



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