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  • Tuesday, 21 May 2024
State-of-the-art city emerging on reclaimed land from sea in Colombo Sri Lanka

State-of-the-art city emerging on reclaimed land from sea in Colombo Sri Lanka

Port City Colombo attracts world top-tier finance and commercial deals

Sri Lanka has taken the spotlight in recent mainstream news in 2022 for going through a political crisis. The mismanagement of the economy by the former president and government has left the nation suffering a serious shortage of food, fuel, and other amenities. The world was watching history being written by the people of Sri Lanka when the public occupied the presidential residence, forcing the former president to flee and abandon his political status as president of Sri Lanka. The public celebrated and then cleaned the residence and vacated it for the next president to come, in the hope of better economic stability. This act of the public has set new standards for the rest of the world and demonstrated the high class of Sri Lankan people.


With the new president in place, Sri Lanka is once again the focus of attention with their new development. Sri Lanka’s new reclaimed land from the sea is called Port City, located next to Colombo.

The State-of-the-art complex is currently being constructed, but once completed will offer a self-contained city balanced with economic, social, and environmental development opportunities. The main goal of Port City Colombo is to create a global tier 1 finance and commerce infrastructure to strengthen the economic damage the country has suffered.

The vision is to create a World Class City for South Asia. The mission is to develop the most livable city in South Asia, built on sustainable values, a healthy environment with future-ready infrastructure to enhance living convenience.


Port City Colombo will be offering superior prospects for commerce, leisure, healthcare, education, and overall living experiences. It acts as a driving force for expansion, seamlessly blending the essence and vitality of a country's culture with globally recognized excellence.


When completed, the complex will consist of a Financial District, Central Park Living, Island Living, The Marina and an International Island. Occupying 5.6 million square meters, it offers balanced urban living with high-end buildings for residential and commercial purposes combined with recreational spaces, green parks, and beaches.


Sustainability is at the heart of the development starting at the design level and continuing with sustainable construction practices resulting in a city equipped with an efficient waste management system, energy-efficient buildings, green technologies, renewable energy sourcing and native ecosystems integrated into the hub complex.


Port City will offer home to an estimated 273,000 people, local and international businesses tourism. The development is currently finishing up the infrastructure construction phase and it has already received worldwide investors and businesses attention.


The Sri Lankan government-owned project, Port City is the marking of new beginnings for the country. With the successful economic rise of the country will once again leverage its geographical advantage and create new connections in other sectors such as financial, science, media and other infrastructure.


 Source: Port City Colombo - Sri Lanka

State-of-the-art city emerging on reclaimed land from sea in Colombo Sri Lanka

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