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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
Kier Starmer Official Portrait

Keir Starmer's Plan for a Better Britain

Keir Starmer who is the Prime Minister of the UK and the leader of the Labour Party has shared his vision for the UK. He has a set of policies aimed at handling major issues like national security, immigration, the economy, energy and the environment. Here's a look at some of his key plans:

National Security and Immigration

Starmer wants to make the UK safer and fix the immigration system. He plans to hire more caseworkers to speed up the processing of asylum applications. He wants to ensure quicker decisions for those seeking protection. He also proposes "Martyn's Law" to tighten security at public events. It is in memory of Martyn Hett who was a victim of the Manchester Arena bombing.

To manage immigration better Starmer aims to reduce net migration with stricter visa rules. At the same time he plans to address job shortages by helping British workers gain new skills.

Economic Policies

Starmer promises not to raise VAT, National Insurance or income tax. This is to provide some financial stability for households and businesses. To deal with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic he will appoint a Covid Corruption Commissioner. He wants to investigate any misuse of public funds during the crisis.

He also plans to create a National Wealth Fund to support important industries and infrastructure projects. This will help drive economic growth and create jobs.

Energy and Environment

Starmer is committed to fighting climate change and ensuring energy security. He plans to create a publicly owned energy company called "Great British Energy". This is as part of his "Green Prosperity Plan." This plan includes investing in renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and developing green technologies. His aim is to make the UK a leader in tackling climate change.

To improve public transport he plans to renationalize the railway network. He plans calling it "Great British Railways." This move aims to provide more efficient, affordable and reliable train services.

Commitment to Human Rights

Starmer is also focused on human rights and legal reforms. He introduced the "first test paperless hearing" during his tenure. This shows his commitment to modernizing the legal system and making it more accessible. His policies shows a dedication to upholding human rights and ensuring justice for everyone.


Keir Starmer's policy agenda aims to create a fairer, safer and more prosperous Britain. By addressing national security, immigration, economic stability, energy and the environment, Starmer's leadership promises positive change for the UK with a strong emphasis on human rights and legal reforms.


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