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  • Monday, 26 February 2024
The EU allots €1.8 billion in humanitarian aid for 2024

The EU allots €1.8 billion in humanitarian aid for 2024

Responding to the urgent humanitarian crises gripping the globe, the European Commission has announced its initial annual humanitarian budget of over €1.8 billion for 2024. With nearly 300 million people in dire need of assistance this year, the European Union (EU) is reaffirming its unwavering commitment to supporting the most vulnerable populations worldwide.


This substantial humanitarian aid will be allocated across regions facing severe challenges:

Sahel, Central African Republic, and Lake Chad Basin: Approximately €200 million will be allocated to address the complex crises stemming from forced displacements, food insecurity, and recurring epidemics exacerbated by conflict, insecurity, and climate change.


Around €346 million will go directly toward aiding those impacted by long-standing conflicts in the Great Lakes Region, as well as populations displaced by extreme weather events and armed conflicts in countries like Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda.


Almost €470 million will be dedicated to addressing extreme humanitarian needs in Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and neighboring countries, grappling with ongoing crises and complex challenges.


Approximately €115 million will be allocated to mitigate the consequences of conflicts, including Russia's aggression in Ukraine, alongside addressing ongoing needs in the Western Balkans and Caucasus and the repercussions of the Syria crisis in Turkey.


€186 million will be focused on providing essential assistance to vulnerable populations, prioritizing humanitarian responses in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, while also addressing the significant impacts of climate change in the region.


Additionally, a substantial portion of the funds, approximately €315 million, will be reserved to respond to sudden-onset emergencies and unforeseen humanitarian crises that may arise throughout the year. Furthermore, over €98 million will be committed to horizontal activities, innovative projects, and policy initiatives aimed at enhancing the EU's humanitarian response capacity.


Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič emphasized the critical importance of sustained support, stating, "In the face of this disturbing trend, the European Commission will continue to fund humanitarian action in support of the most vulnerable, no matter who and where they are across the world."


He urged the international community to collectively address the widening gap between humanitarian needs and available resources, stressing the need for equitable sharing of responsibility for funding humanitarian assistance.


As the EU reinforces its commitment to humanitarian aid, it underscores the imperative of international cooperation and solidarity in addressing the pressing humanitarian challenges facing communities worldwide.



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