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  • Sunday, 14 July 2024
Bitcoin Gears Up for Second Bull Run with Retail Investors

Bitcoin Gears Up for Second Bull Run with Retail Investors

Speculation on the end of Bitcoin's bull run debunke with indicators pointing to a potential second leg of the rally. Here’s a closer look at the current market dynamics


Retail Investors' Resurgence


Contrary to fears of a stalled bull cycle, Bitcoin appears poised for renewed upward momentum, driven significantly by retail investors. Historically, Bitcoin has surged to new highs when small investors flood the market, reminiscent of the 2017 and 2021 cycles.


Institutional vs. Retail Capital


While Bitcoin's peak in March saw institutional investments driving prices to $73,750, recent months have witnessed a decline in institutional capital inflows. As a result, the market has undergone corrections and consolidations.


Whales and Realized Cap Metrics


Insights from Whale and Realized Cap metrics highlight a shift in market dynamics. Initially dominated by large investors capitalizing on price dips, there's now noticeable activity from the 10 to 100 BTC cohort. This group's increased holdings historically precede a new rally phase post-correction.


Anticipated Price Movements


Speculation around Bitcoin's price suggests a potential climb towards $80,000 in the near term. However, market analysts caution that intermittent corrections could still occur before a sustained rally.


Volatility Indicators


On-chain data reveals rising volatility, with the two-week measure currently at 0.02. Increased volatility signifies heightened potential for significant price swings, influenced by market sentiment and trading activities.


Future Prospects


The outlook for Bitcoin's price hinges significantly on continued accumulation by retail investors. Should this trend persist, it could fuel the next wave of upward momentum, underscoring Bitcoin's resilience and appeal as a long-term investment.


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