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  • Saturday, 15 June 2024
Aston Martin Raises UK Workers' Pay by 4%

Aston Martin Raises UK Workers' Pay by 4%

Luxury carmake Aston Martin (AML.L) has revealed plans to increase annual pay for over 2,500 employees and contractors across its UK manufacturing sites and offices for the years 2024 and 2025. The decision reflects the company's commitment to supporting its workforce amidst ongoing economic challenges.


Pay Increase Details


Aston Martin announced a 4% annual pay rise for eligible employees and contractors for the years 2024 and 2025. Additionally, manufacturing technicians at the London-listed company will receive a 1.5% increase in 2025, coupled with a reduction of one hour in the working week. These measures aim to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being while maintaining productivity levels.


One-off Payment to Offset Living Costs


In response to the continued high cost of living, Aston Martin will provide all eligible employees with a one-off payment of £1,000 ($1,271.60). This additional compensation underscores the company's recognition of the financial challenges faced by its workforce and aims to alleviate some of the economic burdens they may encounter.


Positive Outcome of Negotiations


The pay deal follows extensive negotiations between Aston Martin Lagonda and Unite the Union. Unite members voted overwhelmingly in favor of accepting the two-year pay agreement, demonstrating a collaborative effort between the company and its workforce to reach mutually beneficial terms.


Production Shifts and Future Outlook


The announcement comes as Aston Martin ceases production of older models in preparation for a ramp-up of production of new models later in the year. The strategic shift reflects the company's ongoing efforts to adapt to changing market demands and maintain its competitive edge in the luxury car industry.


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