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  • Friday, 19 April 2024
Mikel Arteta Speaks at press conference

Mikel Arteta's Press Conference post Arsenal vs Man. City


Arsenal’s Performance against Man. City

Mikel Arteta faced the media after a thrilling encounter at the Etihad Stadium, discussing various aspects of the game and providing insights into Arsenal's performance against Manchester City



Reflections on the Game

Arteta described the match as thrilling and demanding, praising his team's defensive performance against a formidable opponent. He highlighted the difficulty of breaking down Manchester City's defense but expressed satisfaction with Arsenal's defensive solidity. However, he noted missed opportunities in attack and emphasized the need for greater composure with the ball.



Pride in Defensive Record

The Arsenal manager expressed immense pride in his team's defensive resilience, particularly in securing two clean sheets against Manchester City. He attributed this achievement to the commitment and discipline of every player, highlighting the difference between simply playing a match and competing in it.



Result in Terms of Title Race

Arteta remained cautious about the result's significance in the title race, focusing instead on the team's preparation to win the game. While acknowledging the improvement from previous encounters with Manchester City, he emphasized the need for continuous progress and evolution as a team.



Comparison with Previous Visits to Etihad Stadium

Arteta acknowledged the differences in context compared to previous visits to the Etihad Stadium but emphasized the enduring challenge posed by Manchester City. He reiterated his belief in Manchester City's quality while emphasizing Arsenal's determination to catch up and surpass them.



Bukayo Saka's Fitness

Arteta provided an update on Bukayo Saka's fitness, explaining that the player had been feeling fatigue after returning from injury. He highlighted Saka's significant contribution to the game but admitted that 90 minutes were too much for him at this stage of his recovery.



Adapting to Manchester City's Possession Game

Arteta emphasized the importance of clarity and readiness to defend against Manchester City's possession-based style of play. He stressed the need for players to be prepared to track and press the opposition relentlessly throughout the game.



Impact on Run-in and Momentum

Arteta highlighted the belief and momentum generated by the result, emphasizing the team's desire for continuous improvement. He praised the players' commitment and determination to push themselves further as they aim to achieve their goals.



Expectations of Manchester City's Gameplan

Arteta discussed the challenges posed by Manchester City's tactical flexibility, emphasizing the importance of making strategic decisions based on the opponent's movements. He highlighted the thin line between success and failure when facing a team of Manchester City's caliber.



Development Since Last Season

Arteta acknowledged Arsenal's improvement and development since last season but emphasized the need for further progress to compete for championships. He highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to overcome challenges in elite-level football.


Overall, Arteta's insights provided valuable perspective on Arsenal's performance and the challenges posed by facing Manchester City, underscoring the team's progress while emphasizing the need for continuous growth and improvement.


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